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Anthem Livin~365 Things to do:DAY 45

Today April 22nd is EARTH DAY do your part and take the pledge! Click The Image Below


Tips and Tricks for Earth Day!

• Challenge yourself to focus on the first of the 3 R’s and REDUCE your consumption
• To better visualize your efforts, use a glass jar or bowl to collect your waste for the day
• Use cloth produce bags for buying in bulk
• Visit a local farmer’s market for fresh produce, meats and cheeses.
• Bring lunch in a glass container or jar.
• Carry washable utensils and a cloth napkin in your lunch bag or purse.
• Take this day to de-junk your mailbox by removing yourself from mailing lists of unwanted promotions and catalogs.
I know it sounds overwhelming but if you start little, making small changes in your life you will find it’s pretty easy, it WILL becomes  habit.  For today try ZERO WASTE and continue on tomorrow, the next day and so on, YOU CAN DO IT! Mother Earth Thanks You!


Live Live, Be Well…Namaste!

Kristina Clayton~Coldwell Banker Daisy Mountain Real Estate

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